A nicely designed website is not enough to measure a website's success. It is important to keep it well-optimized and rich in fresh content to keep your visitors away from boredom and lack of interest. We have been maintaining different types of website that caters variety of contents to their viewers. It is undoubtedly a huge challenge to keep in track with fast-changing Internet trends, but that's why we are here to help!

Before we engage into the project, the client must be ready to assign a project manager who can continuously monitor, review, make fast decisions, and provide us some needed information during the whole design and development process. The project manager plays a crucial role in achieving the desired results on time.

Choosing your type of retainer maintenance service.

The process begins by choosing the type of retainer maintenance service for you. If you are not sure which fits your need, feel free to contact us by clicking here and we will try reach you immediately. We'll be evaluating your website and requirements during our initial conversation so we can come up with a proposal / contract.


We can start immediately once you agree with our proposal and have received your initial payment. You need to provide us a full copy of your website's source code and database so we can set up a copy on our development environment. If you are not sure where to get them, you can give us a full access on your web hosting facility or your server so we can make a backup of your files.

Initial requirements

Send us your initial list of requirements with priority indicators so we know where to start or give much prioritization to a task. It is best if we can set up a meeting via skype to discuss your requirements.

Final review

An update will be sent to you via email, as soon as a task gets done, so you can review and provide us a feedback. If all is well, we can deploy the changes immediately to your website.

We’re good to go!
Support, continuous maintenance and optimization begins!
Let us share you some secrets on how to address this issue.