Magento is an enterprise-grade software that is built using an opensource technology. It is high-grade, robust, stable, and its back-office is very easy to manage, which are some of the reasons why this software is very popular to both E-commerce website owners and opensource vendors alike. But being an enterprise-grade software also demands more server (hardware) resource, so investing on it could cost much higher compared to its counterparts. And keeping it in good shape requires a bit more technical expertise. But we are here to help! We have been offering Magento implementation services since our inception and we are proud of the fact that we've maintained good ties with our clients. So think no more! If you have a great idea or any project requirement in mind, allow us to make it happen for you.

In case you are getting the notion that Magento might be too overwhelming for your E-commerce project requirements. We can offer alternative solutions which might appear simpler to you. We also build e-commerce websites using Wordpress (via WooCommerce) or Drupal (via Drupal Commerce). If you are not sure what's best to use, do not hesitate to consult us. And we'll determine what best fits your needs.

What are the services we offer?
Implementing Magento requires expert knowledge in all aspects of the platform - usage, development, hosting and maintenance. And it is important to have a vendor that you can trust for long-term so you can have a "worry-free" online business. That is why we are here!
Customizing Magento is not as easy as doing HTML or PHP programming. It requires knowledge on how the system and its database was designed and discipline in properly making code changes through its architecture. But you don't have to worry about it. We will make it easy for you.
Magento is a software that is composed of templates. But of course you don't want your website to look like other websites. Or just another website on the Internet. Your website deserves its own identity, while communicating well to your target customers. We can help you with it. With our experience in designing Magento websites, putting up one could be just as simple as a pie!)
If you already have an existing layout design for your ideal website but don't have the programming expertise to implement it on Magento, we can do the job for you.
Recent studies show that 60% to 70% of users are already using their mobile phones or tablet computers when browsing the Internet. This makes it important for your website to display well on such devices. We offer this type of service and we use Twitter Bootstrap which is the most popular and stable mobile theme framework today.
Speed is a major factor in keeping visitors coming and continuously navigating your website. Making them stay depends on your content. But recent studies show that most visitors leave a website if a page does not load within 2 to 3 seconds. Speed is a common problem with most content management software. And while there's an abundance of add-ons available to boost the website's loading speed, implementing them involves technical expertise. We are here to help speed up your website!
Payment gateways play an important role in e-commerce because these are facilities that receive payments from your customers. The most popular is Paypal. But there are a lot of alternatives in which can offer more advantage to your location or currency. While some offers more flexible ways in accepting payments or lower transaction fees. If you have a payment gateway of choice and need help in integrating it to your Magento website, we are here to help!)
Web services offer a way for websites and software to share data from one another. Let's say a customer has completed an order on your website and you want it to tell your warehouse software so it can take the stock out from your inventory. Or if you have an membership points system and you want to grant points to every customer that purchases on your website. Web services make this work, and we offer this type of integration service.
We've had clients that shifted from other shopping cart software to Magento. And we did this for them. From designing the theme, development, moving product data, and upto guiding your back-office administrator with the new processes involved.
In case you have a long list of product data that needs to be imported to Magento, we can get them up quickly for you.
If you want to move your website from one host to another but do not have the time, patience and expertise to do it. We can do it for you. We'll communicate with your hosting providers and move your files and database without losing any data.
Magento is easy to install. But we understand that not everyone wants to get their hands dirty or time to learn how to do it so let us know if you need help.
If you need assistance or a staff to monitor and maintain your back-office data, we can manage it for you.
Your website is your business. And every business needs to evolve in order for it to grow. Ideas come in from time to time and new web technologies get developed quickly which can offer advantages to your business. Adapting them needs continuous development which you need to consider when investing on a website. Let us handle it for you.