red rising graph showing conversion

What are conversions?

A conversion happens when you were able to get an inquiry on your product, make a sale, or generate leads. It basically indicates that something positive happened through your advertisement scheme which is the goal of the process.

We can help you achieve this goal through our digital advertising program. But how do digital advertising differ from the traditional advertising?

Digital Advertising Traditional Advertising
Uses online marketing strategy. Uses Yellow Pages, television, radio, and magazine.
Generates real time results based on traffic and page clicks through Google Analytics. Dependent on tangible research findings and aftermath reports.
Exposure depends on reachable online market and can expand widely depending on the advertising strategy. Exposure depends on a limited amount of people present during the airtime or advertisement duration.

Before we engage into the project, the client must be ready to assign a project manager who can continuously monitor, review, make fast decisions, and provide us some needed information during the whole design and development process. The project manager plays a crucial role in achieving the desired results on time.

Like any other project, we get started by compiling all the available resources which include but not limited to:

Short brief about your company, product, campaign, target audience, goals and initiatives.
Approximate budget and target length or period for your campaign
Access to your Google Adwords account.
What are the benefits of digital advertising?